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The Message... The back is our body's central framework, and everything stops when it goes wrong. But it is a fact that most of us suffer back problems.
In whatever country we consider, the statistics are similar. For instance, in New Zealand, 75% of all New Zealanders suffer back pain at some stage during their lives. This makes back injury that country's No.1 occupational health and safety problem, and a major factor in the performance of individual companies as well as the national economy - whether in offices, warehouses or factories.

"Not this way!"
"Bend the knees" And you will get comparable statistics from any country in the world.

In Great Britain, for instance, the time lost through back injuries is almost twice the time lost through industrial disputes - 18 million working days lost through back injuries and 9.3 million days lost through industrial action.

What Precious says about his work...
"One back injury is one too many.
My aim is to conduct seminars on preventing back injury, working on the following points... "
  • To stress the need to take care of our backs, pointing out the harm that back problems can cause for both victims and employers.

  • To  explain the workings of the anatomy, especially the spinal column, and how it reacts to different workplace postures.

  • To involve seminar participants in the demonstration of lifting techniques.

  • To advise on how to avoid back injuries at each specific workplace

  • Relating to any group and to entertain with practical tips, demonstrations and anecdotes from my own experiences.

  • Three major criteria for my seminars are: INFORMATION, PARTICIPATION and HUMOUR

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"One back injury is one too many"
The human back
 - vital but vulnerable.
Precious McKenzie  MBE

The Seminars...
These are run in two stages:

Stage 1 is a seminar for up to 20 people, from executives to shop floor staff. The first half hour concentrates on the theory of how the spinal column works, its strengths and potential weak points.
Audience participation is the key objective of the second hour, with practical demonstrations using props (e.g.. bucket, spade, broom, vacuum cleaner and a bag of cement).

This session of the program should follow two or three months later. Precious moves around the workplace, talking with staff individually. some may find the theory doesn't cover their particular task or situation, others may want to check that they are doing it right.



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