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Precious has  been made a Life Member of the NZ Safety Council
and is an associated Registered Management Consultant.

 Here is Precious being presented with his certificates by David Calvert,
the Executive Director for the NZ Safety Council.



Precious is semi-retired but is still available for limited bookings in 2017
Please feel free to contact him


Happily now known as TEAM PRECIOUS, the group returned from a very successful trip to Las Vegas in November 2014.

There Precious himself broke no less than four world records for lifting in the over 75 group. The rest of the team all accomplished personal best lifts and broke New Zealand records, returning home with trophies.

While there, the Powerlifting organization WABDL (World Association Bench-press and Dead Lift), USA inducted Precious into their Hall of Fame on Friday 21 November.

Precious broke 20 world records for WABDL in Hawaii at the Sheraton Hotel, Waikiki, from 1976 to 1979.

Precious is keen to return to the Las Vegas competitions next year, coming out of retirement  as coach to the next TEAM PRECIOUS, which he hopes will feature ten lifters. He will not be competing, but will be fully focused on coaching the new team.

Precious is grateful to have been sponsored by two great friends - Sir Owen Glenn and actor John Rhys-Davies.

"I will be out to break world records especially for my two good friends." PM

Mission Accomplished!
Well done, all.


Precious is now taking limited seminar bookings for 2017

(Appointments can be made while Precious is away overseas).

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Apart from the vital work he does in Industry, Commerce and Education
with his Back Injury Prevention and Workplace Safety seminars,  Precious is also still very active in the world of Championship
Weight Lifting.


World Bench Press & Deadlift Championships 
Las Vegas, Nevada

Precious McKenzie
Master Men 61-67yrs Lightweight


 Precious broke 5 world records in the  2004 Nevada World Masters Power Lifting Championships

Bench press:
100kg, 110kg 115kg and 120kg.
 Deadlift: 197kg

 His grandson, Taurean, competing in the Juniors Championship  had a best bench press lift of 120kg 

The 2003 Trophies

Precious  maintains a disciplined regime of weight training and fitness in his private gymnasium


(This may be done at any time)


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